• Hair
  • Makeup
  • Costume


The hair department represents 1/3 of my character's visual development. Hair is most noticeable when I am doubling an actor or playing a character.

Whether a wig is being used or my hair is altered, cut, enhanced or coloured, they put me through some serious transformations !!!



The make up department covers everything pertaining to my skin. From a simply base foundation application that covers my 5 o'clock shadow to an intricate far out special fx make up application that morphs me into another ethnicity, burn victim or alien, these people are creative!

Make up does not only apply to facial improvements but it applies from head to toe applications.



The final touches happen in the costume department, where my costume or wardrobe has been measured and fitted ahead of time. Shoes, sox, pants, t shirts, ties, overcoats, hats, thermals and a dry change, all contribute to the creation of a believable character.

Whether it be period piece or modern day, there is a lot of research that goes into the look and feel within the wardrobe department.