About Trev

Trevor Jones, son of an amazing grace Cecile Jones, native to Toronto Ontario is a true Canadian with Caribbean roots. He grew up with all the privileges of a north american lifestyle and despite having a small family, there have always been great friends in his life. Cecile married Len in 1980, and the circle was complete.  Trevor is extremely athletic, it started with swimming lessons, figure skating, street hockey, soccer, basketball, football, bmx, volleyball, track and field but ultimately he ended up focusing on gymnastics.  Trevor competed for York University for 5 years while attaining his BSc in physics.  Life really started at the age of 19 when Trevor became the father of a beautiful girl named Kirsten.  After moving to Vancouver in 1995, he married, had 2 more children, Devon and Alora and now as a single father the world is his oyster.  Trevor was the inaugural mascot for the NBA's Vancouver Grizzlies and the NLL's Vancovuer Ravens.  He attained accollades as the NBA's best mascot in '96 after performing at the All Star Game in Cleveland, and also represented the NBA as the mascot at the Tokyo games, which was the first regular season game played on international soil.  Trevor transitioned into the film industry in '97 in a leading role of a New City production called Big & Hairy in '97 and since then has performed as an actor and stunt performer around the globe in 100s of film and tv shows til present.  We all look forward to what Trevor will accomplish in the future, and since I am writing this bio, all I can say is hang on, thanks to God the first 40 years were incredible...I just can't wait to see what happens in the next 40..